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2013 Glacsweb deployments etc

The overall idea is to test new tech (mainly on the glacier surface/mountain) including: low end dGPS, 6LowPan, cameras, geophones v2, robustness etc.


ublox dGPS - a cheaper dGPS

ipv6 and 6LowPAN - ip networking everywhere

Base2 - Graeme - may become "upgrade base"

Geophone remake - Graeme

SSN Seismic surface nodes - actually generic M3+radios pcbs now!

6Lowpan SSN2

Overall software Base-SSN-ref-

6slip CC1120 test -

Wifi 2013 long range coms -

New cameras - (using mini USB cams)

cc1120 RF -

TI 6lowpan systems -

Data visualisation-

Calibration -

dGPS -

Geophone analysis -