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env currently ends up with all the data accessible via All data is stored in the raw files as received, it is also inserted into a MySQL database for easier analysis.

Norway data that was on leo has also been moved onto this server and is available at

Comms from Iceland are via an amazon cloud instance, for information about this contact Kirk or Phil.

The main website is hosted on a System machine.

This wiki is hosted on cima.

There is also a media repository available online - for details contact Phil.

All data stored on env is also backed up every 24hrs to a different building.

Connect MySQL to matlab

To enable matlab to get the data from mysql I followed the instructions given in with a couple of minor modifications.

  • Use the latest version of the connector
    • Change the line in the classpath file so that the version numbers match.
  • Make sure matlab has permision to change the classpath file (or run matlab in admin mode for that step only)

Connect MySQL to excel

  • Download the ODBC connector from and install it (if running 32 bit office and 64 bit windows you seem to need both versions)
  • Goto data sources (ODBC) in Admin tools click add
  • Choose mysql ODBC driver and follow instructions
  • in Excel goto the data tab and select from other sources
  • Then choose microsoft query
  • Choose the name of the connection you chose earlier
  • You can then choose which data you want to import
  • It can be updated by clicking Refresh All