South Coast deployments

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telosB (SSg version with TinyOS and Manchester's code) - future system can be homebrew or off the shelf nodes.

for sea sensing on sea defences - conductivity sensor for splashes and long rough water depth sensor

and/or a long water height sensor to detect waves at high frequency

pictures of sea wall deployment

contiki alternative

See our contiki pages for using it on the sky/telosB

GW10 node prototypes

Photos of prototypes

its conductivity sensor (based on oscillator and amp) is now available as a small pcb with Vout.

Conductivity sensor

Uses AC signal and amplifier to smooth result.

needs 2mA at 3V so can be powered from telosB GPIO (max rated 6mA)

outputs from about 1.4 to 2.8V

pintout is:

GND sense sense output power

so we use telosB 10 pin I/O:


pin7=GIO1 as power

pin3=ADC0 to output