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A Quick how to on video capture using the Dazzle USB capture device

These work on Windows, the video can be viewed on Linux but I haven't tested the recording

  • Install VLC
  • Install device drivers 32bit 64bit
  • Plug in device
  • Open VLC
  • Media\Open Capture Device


  • Click the down arrow by play and select stream
  • Tick display locally
  • Add a file to save to
  • Tick activate transcoding
  • Configure the profile
  • Encapsulation MPEG1
  • Untick keep original track
  • Codec MPEG-1
  • Bitrate 1024kb/s
  • Frame rate 24fps
  • Untick Audio
  • Save
  • Click stream to start recording

Borehole cam construction

The 2011 borehole cam has ~210m of cat 5 cable. The video is sent along this using this balun over 1 pair of the cable. The other 3 pairs are used for power. The pin out is written in Phil's log book

2011 borecam will be captured to the sony dcr-hc90e on tape! (its just easier and better quality than the SD)