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getting the Z1's running 6lowPan was very fast (for a quick start use instant contiki)

follow http://zolertia.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Mainpage:Contiki_apps

using the z1-websense demo

then browse the edge node http://[2001:630:d0:f200:212:7400:1465:d8aa] to see its IP

and browse the node directly


radio range with external antenna is quoted as 180m with 5 db antennas.

if we want to link our long stretches with these we will need to evaluate grid/panel antannas

ideally we will use the thingsquare CC1120 contiki code and link to the COTS CC1120 pcbs via our interface card.

Q: do we cut power to the onboard CC2420 chip in case its disabled current is too high?

Power Supply

probably need a 3.3V supply on our add-on board and a 5V PSU for sensors

Sleep current for a z1 on its own with contiki needs measuring (then with our add-on board) to determine the lifetimes

Interface board

PSU: 3.3V ok? from lead acid

Sensor interface - analogue + power/GND

Digital sensor interfaces - RS485, RS232 option, I2C

most sensors have an avr over rs485

we have about 7 spare ADC inputs - which seems OK for each node's max

TC - RTC if we need better timing accuracy (need to check what is used/usable in Contiki)

Pins Unavailable

Not all the pins presented on the headers are available for external use. The following pins are used for functions internal to the Z1

MSP430 Port# Pin Name Pin# Notes
P6.0 ADC 0 15 Weird potential divider on the board gives odd readings
P6.7 ADC 7 6 Odd internal pulling
P1.6 P1.6/TA1 52 Accel interrupt
P1.7 P1.7/TA2 50 Accel Interrupt
P2.4 P2.4/CA1/TA2 45 1 Wire
P3.5 UART0.RX 35 USB serial
P3.4 UART1.TX 37 USB serial